The Lone Ranger had a sidekick named Tonto, apostle Paul had Barnabas, Esther had Mordecai, and Ruth had Naomi. Nobody becomes successful by himself or herself. All of us need the right people to launch us into our purpose and destinies.

It seems as if most of us are asking what we are called to do when we should first be asking who we are supposed to be with.

Kris Vallotton says, “It’s only when we find our people that we can fulfill our purposes.” You can’t find your purpose until you have found your people, because your ultimate purpose is in your people.

People ask me if I had a vision for QARA when I was a boy. No! My vision grew out of the role I played with the people I was called to be in community with. This included my personal board of directors, including mentors, coaches, friends and family.

We are the body of Christ. If I’m a finger, I need to connect with a hand. If I’m an eye, I need to find my place in the head and so forth. I simply can’t find my ultimate destiny without finding my God-given place in the body.

Who Are You Hanging Out With?

There’s an old adage based on Proverbs 13:20: “Show me your friends, and I will show you your destiny.” It’s impossible to escape the fact that our destinies lie in our people. Yes, we need God first and foremost, but God also designed us to need one another.

Think about it: would Paul have become an apostle if Barnabas hadn’t taken “hold of him” when he was still young in the faith? It’s possible that Barnabas inspired Paul to write as many as thirteen books of the Bible. Then later, when Paul refused to take Mark with them on their second missionary journey, Barnabas took hold of Mark and discipled him as well. Years later, Mark went on to write the gospel of Mark!

The Bible isn’t alone in its revelation of the communal roots of destiny. In Good to Great, management guru Jim Collins reveals his profound discovery.

While nearly everyone was teaching that the most important principle in business was having a vision for an organization, Collins revealed that the organizations that “get the right people on the bus” have the greatest success. He went on to say if you get the right people in the right seats in the bus, inevitably the bus will end up at the right place.

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Discovering Your People

So you might ask, “So how do you find these people?” Well, that’s a great question. Much like the nation of Israel that was made up of twelve distinct and diverse tribes, the people of God have a tribal DNA.

There is a remarkable phenomenon called resonance that explains the sense we have when we meet our people. Scientists tell us that all matter vibrates at specific frequencies. You might have heard of expressions like, “I really resonate with that guy.”

Resonance is something we are feeling or experiencing in common with a certain person, people group, or revelation. It’s a connection we can’t completely explain.

This is often the most common way we find our people. We have a sense of resonance with a community of people who seem to vibrate at the same spiritual frequency. We often think so much alike that we literally find ourselves finishing each other’s sentences. Discovering people with similar DNA can feel as if we’ve met a twin brother who was separated from us at birth.

The reason we seem to resonate at the same frequency with certain people is that we view the world through the same lens, and thus we value the same things.

Question: Who’s your people, your inner circle, your tribe, or your personal board of directors?