Risky. That’s what it feels like at times right now. And yet I’ve never felt more alive.

Recently, I’ve been on a whirl-wind of change. My husband quit his high-paying job in Southern California; we’re selling our gorgeous dream home; and we bought a giant Ford F350 truck to pull our even more giant 41-foot fifth wheel trailer (which we will live in with our three kids for an undetermined amount of time), and then likely land somewhere out-of-state once it feels right (or when we get tired of living in 350 square feet of space).

Why all this change you wonder? To enable us to pursue more closely our unique purpose in life.

You see, not too long ago I was in a very comfortable and safe position in life. I thought it’s what I wanted. I thought it’s what God wanted. But, this position made me feel dull, distant from God, and even depressed at times. I was doing all the things I thought I “should” do to be a “good” Christian (going to church, Bible study, etc.) but I knew this wasn’t what God wanted for my life. I was playing it too safe instead of doing the riskier things God had purposed me to do.

I kept saying no to God’s invitation for me to venture out and do some of the things I knew in my heart were purposed for me. I would say:

“No, I can’t write that book, that’s crazy! I don’t even know where to start!”

“No, I can’t give up my dental hygiene career for an unstable writing career!”

“No, I can’t be a mom to three kids under two and pursue the God-given dream that’s on my heart!”

“No, I’m not smart enough to lead women or qualified enough to coach them to understand their purpose!”

“No, I don’t want to foster a broken child in my home!”

“NO, NO, NO! I like my comfortable life even though I feel off and unfulfilled, wondering if I was meant for more.”

What I didn’t realize is that saying no to God and playing it safe was stunting me from growing in my deeper and unique purpose—sharing the gifts and talents God’s given me, as well as demonstrating how God works through me to bring Him the glory.

This ultimately is our purpose—to pursue Jesus, who may ask us to do the impossible like walk on water with Him. It’s to reflect His glory by giving Him the honor for all the good that comes out of us. And this in turn brings our hearts alive in significant ways.

My set-up and situation may be different than yours. But, if you’re reading this, you probably share a similar heartbeat—a desire to feel confident and alive in your purpose, but afraid to step out and risk with Him.

But here’s the truth: God has designed you for more than the American dream.

He’s designed you for more than what you are probably aware of or even what you’re pursuing right now.

Because more doesn’t mean a bigger paycheck or a fancy title. More means utilizing your gifts and talents in ways that are specific to you, as well as doing the things that ultimately God has designed for you to do.

And I’m just going to come out and say it: you can’t play it safe when you pursue your purpose.

Right now, I’m currently doing a million little things that feel uncomfortable, unsafe, and honestly a bit unexpected. All because I decided to stop playing it safe and pursue what I believe God has been beckoning me (and my family) to.

Is there fear? You bet! But is there also a deeper peace? Most definitely yes!

But, you might be wondering, how can fear and peace be mixed together? Well, there’s a human fear in this, but a spiritual peace that overrides it. It’s how I know God is in this. It’s difficult to articulate, but I know He is inviting us into this next journey with Him for something more.

When I stepped out to pursue my writing career, a certification in fostering children, and sell our home and live in a fifth wheel for an undetermined amount of time, there was always some fear of failure mixed in with these decisions. But there has also been an undeniable peace that propelled me forward. It’s almost as if I can’t NOT do these things that I feel compelled to do. It feels right, even though some question my sanity. But when you have the peace of God in your heart and you decide to trust in His leading, you will experience Him in a deeper way that brings you greater fulfillment as you pursue your purpose.

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I can’t tell you what you are supposed to do except to sit down and get still with God. Ask Him those tough questions. Ask Him to tell you what your unique purpose is. Ask Him what unique gifts you have to share with this world to bring Him glory. Then trust and believe when that still small voice inside you invites you to step-out and do those impossible things that you’re being compelled to do with Him.

Or, you can play it safe and never fully experience the amazing things He has waiting for you.

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Rachel C. Swanson is a best-selling author, speaker, podcaster, and accredited life coach. She’s passionate about refining away the barriers that are holding others back and restoring their hearts and minds back to God’s truth. Her newest book, Refine and Restore: Revive Your Heart, Release Your Purpose, releases October 2019. Married for twelve years to her husband Jeff, they recently relocated their tribe of “Wannabe Triplets” to the rural hills of Southern Idaho.