When I was growing up in Canada, I used to sit cross-legged on the rug of my homestay family’s living room watching my favorite tennis player, Roger Federer, play on the pristine grass of Wimbledon. For me, it was like getting the chance to view Picasso or Michelangelo at work. Every move Roger Federer made was impeccably masterful. His swings seemed effortless as his hands moved with clockwork precision, carving out winners and putting his opponents out of position.

Following his serve Federer would land like a cat. His feet always ready, he’d return most any ball with any spin and control or end each point. Whenever I watched Federer play, I couldn’t help but question the game. How can someone possibly hit every shot with such beauty and elegance? It seemed as if he knew from the moment the racket hit the ball that it was a winner.

You could see it on his face: he had found his sweet spot.

Our lives have a sweet spot, too. Living in our sweet spot makes us come alive.

I was first introduced to tennis in my ninth grade PE class. I became absolutely fascinated by the science of the sport. I spent countless hours every day after school practicing serves, volleys, and strokes with my friends, I only hit the sweet spot one out of ten times that I approached the ball with my racket. But after a few years of playing, I hired a coach who helped me discover my strengths and blind spots. With deliberate practice, I was able to hit aces and control the racket as if it were an extension of my hand.

It wasn’t until I was in senior high that I began to consistently hit aces and win passing shots. Every time I would serve an ace and hit fantastic passing shots, I invariably hit the sweet spot of my tennis racket. I felt the vibration in my fingers and heard a beautiful sound when the ball connected with just the right point on the racket. My heart would jump, and I’d think. That’s it!

When you hit the sweet spot, you just know.

Our lives have a sweet spot, too: the zone in which God has called us to live to the fullest, energized and hopeful where we find ourselves each day. Living in our sweet spot makes us come alive.

God has designed each of us to do something naturally well and succeed at it. But if you’re like 87 percent of people, you probably haven’t found out what it is yet. When you’re not hitting your sweet spot, you feel the strain, stress, and resistance of not living for what you were made for. Life becomes a daily grind and there’s no meaning to your work. You feel that your strengths and gifts are not being used. You don’t feel passion for work or life.

During my twenties, I faced a quarter-life crisis: a season of meaningless frustration and uncertainty that led me on a journey to find and live in my sweet spot. This book chronicles my story and outlines the specific, concrete strategies I used to recalibrate my life and live with greater intentionality. Through my experience and what I’ve learned, I hope to help you do the same.

Along the way God revealed important indicators of my destiny that helped me to increase my odds of hitting more winners – to better understand and live the unique calling He intends for me. In the last few years, I quit a Fortune 50 job to pursue my calling as a leadership and consultant. I made necessary endings with certain individuals and communities that were no longer serving me well. Finding my calling led me to make a number of important shifts in life. I am inviting you to join me on this journey to discover your God-given calling, to unleash your potential, and to live every moment of your life in your sweet spot.

This is an excerpt from Quarter-Life Calling: Pursuing Your God-given Purpose in Your Twenties. To read the whole book, get your copy here.