“I could never do that!”

This was her response to me as I shared my recent leap of faith adventure moving from our comfortable life in Southern California to the rural hills of Southern Idaho, simply because we believed God told us to.

My husband quit his successful job, we sold our dream home, and we became co-partners for a 60-acre broken down ranch we are rebuilding into a Christian events, wedding and retreat center. We didn’t really have a plan except “we will figure it out when we get there.”

These days, I see so many people holding back in fear from pursuing something with God that is uncomfortable.

You are too scared of rejection so you negate asking your co-worker if they would like to come with you to church. Or you are ready to spend $10,000 to remodel your bathroom, but you can’t even fork over $10 to the offering plate at church that goes by. You would love to partner in helping serve overseas with the gifts God’s given you, but you fear losing your job so you don’t ask for time off.

We are too comfortable as Christians. Happily sitting in our pews for a ninety-minute service, feeling energized from a power-packed message, and yet the rest of the week you go about it with no change or action to show for it.

We are too busy consuming instead of expanding God’s Kingdom because of fear of rejection, of loss, of ridicule, of feeling unequipped to do something that requires discomfort.

And yet, isn’t this what God calls us to pursue?

Matthew 28:19 says “Therefore go and make disciples…” Go. This is a command to act. It means to take action toward something that will likely be uncomfortable or extremely challenging. It means thinking of others before yourself and doing whatever it takes to move the mission of Jesus forward as a body of believers.

When we decided to leave it all behind for an adventure of a lifetime, it was far from easy. There were challenges. There was fear. God doesn’t promise that we won’t have fear. But He does promise a way around it and through it as we follow Him.

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But we are experiencing things now that are indescribable, really. We have seen our faith expand and apparently, our story is encouraging the faith of others too. We are seeing God move in and through us in ways we never thought possible. We were tired of sitting in the pews and pretending to be Christians and instead started taking focused action towards things that we felt God leading us to pursue with Him.

The Spirit will lead if we let Him. Galatians 5:16 says “let the Holy Spirit guide your lives.” Let. It’s a choice we can choose.

We can either allow Him to guide us or allow our own self-made desires lead us to a life that’s comfortable but less fulfilling.

I want you to ask yourself the questions: what am I living for? Does life feel a little lackluster? Am I living in a way that I’m making disciples and being a disciple myself? What is God possibly inviting me into with Him but I continue to hold back in fear? What other invitations around me have I said no to when I’ve felt that prompting in my heart to do something about it? How can I make a bigger impact and live out my faith in Christ in a way that’s palpable where others say, “Wow, there’s something unique about him/her…”

We are too comfortable being consumers rather than doers. As a whole, too many of us are sitting back in the comfort of our boat and watching the few brave souls walk-on-water with Jesus.

But what if that could be you? What if you’re missing out on the deeper riches you can experience with God if you would but step out of your boat, trust, and follow Him?

I think there would be a lot more revival and a lot less rebuttal among us as believers.

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