For the last five years some friends and I take a ski trip we call Broskiing. While the trip may seem about the adrenaline rush of making our way down a snowy mountain, it’s much more. Broskiing is about spending quality time together, taking calculated risks, looking for adventure and pulling each other out of our comfort zones.

Last year, we traveled to Big Sky, Montana for this week-long excursion. During the week, we took a day off from the slopes and pretended to be locals for a day in the area. For us, this meant taking the opportunity to snowshoe through an iconic part of Big Sky called the Beehive Basin.

Our task for the day would send us on a snowshoeing hike three miles into the Montana wilderness to a crystal clear lake and breathtaking views. Sounds pretty simple, right? Wrong.

While we arrived later than we first had hoped, our timing wasn’t our first concern – the weather was. Wind gusts of over 30 miles per hour, rapid weather changes and a trailhead covered with snow would be our lot for the day. Oh, and did I mention that none of us had been snowshoeing before?

We left our car with a plan but none of us knew what may happen. We knew we were about ready to take a step into risk and possibly experience something we had never before.

You Were Designed For Risk and Adventure in Community

In the first of this three-part series on the importance of seeking adventure in your twenties, I shared how we are a part of a culture that doesn’t like to take risks. Fear and anxiety hold us back from the experiences that often turn into an adventure in our lives. I shared three powerful ways you can learn to begin to take risks in your own life, leading you to pursue adventure and the glory of God filled life He wants us to have. Be sure to re-visit that article if you haven’t already.

In this piece, I want us to go one step further towards risk and adventure and help you to understand how learning to take risks with others will help you grow stronger relationships in your life.

Risk and adventure in the pursuit of a full life in Christ were never meant to be done alone.

We were made to do it together.

While on the mountain in the Beehive Basin that day, covered in snow, there were three lessons I learned about how taking risks and seeking adventure in community is essential to obtaining the full life Christ offers us.

1. The Unknown Will Help You Understand One Another

We build our lives around the familiar. Routines set our lives and plans into play every day, and we execute them to a T. I’m a huge fan of routines and familiarity. Planning my days and executing them have helped me get to places and accomplish great things.

But a life led by God, doused in His Glory, fully alive with risk and adventure doesn’t compute regular and routine. This life operates and thrives in the unknown.

When my friends and I left our car behind and headed up to the trailhead, we didn’t fully understand what we were getting ourselves into. It had only been a half mile into our trek when we began to notice different sides of our personalities coming to the surface. We saw sides of ourselves we hadn’t seen before. Out in the wilderness, exposed. I saw them – and they saw me, for all we were. There was no way around it.

Taking risks and seeking adventure in your twenties with community is important because you need the same experience. You need to see and experience the fears, weak spots and vulnerabilities you never thought you might see in yourself or others. You’ll find yourself fully exposed – and you need it. This type of exposure is necessary if you are looking to discover how a full life looks. This life is possible if you’ll decide to venture into the unknown with others and allow yourself to show completely.

Don’t discount the unknown in an adventure. You need to experience it. Moments of not knowing where you may end up may happen. Your plan will be thrown to the wind, but that’s OK. That experience will help you understand one another more than any game night in your living room ever could. Embrace the unknown of adventure, and you will go further, faster.

2. The Unexpected Will Help Form Your Bond Tighter

An adventurous life in Christ comes with unexpected moments. You and I know what it feels like when something doesn’t go as planned. We’re exposed. Most of the time we allow those moments that went south to disappoint us. Out of fear, we pull ourselves back into our comfort zone and keep away from adventure.

Life was not designed for us this way.

The unexpected will always come, and we must learn how we are going to respond to it, especially when it involves others.

If you step into it, the unexpected part of risk and adventure can pull the bond of your friendships tighter.

Think about it – when you experience something unexpected in taking a risk, you and your friends have a shared, memorable experience no one else can ever have. You have these moments because you chose to take a step into the unexpected.

While in the Beehive Basin Pass, we experienced a lot of the unexpected. Moments flew by us that we didn’t see coming. We could have quickly let us destroy us – but we didn’t. We chose to stick together and experience something we couldn’t have except for right there in that day. We now have a story to tell that we will remember for the rest of our lives.

3. The Moments of Pure Delight Keep Your Community Together

As unpredictable, unexpected and at times annoying it was on the trail, you know what emotion I felt the most? Pure delight. Even in some of the most challenging traverses on the trail, I had to sit back and laugh. We didn’t have a clue of what we were doing or even at times where we were going, but it didn’t matter. We had each other.

“Many of us are afraid of risks because we can only see the risk ending up in failure, but what if it doesn’t?”

What if you succeed? What happens then? When we can learn to take risks with those around us, not only will adventure follow but so will the pure joy you are looking for, bringing your community closer together.

Spoiler alert: We didn’t make it to our destination on the trail that day. No crystal clear lake and breathtaking views for us. You can chalk it up to inexperience, severe weather, or whatever you’d like. It doesn’t matter. The risk was never about getting there. The risk and adventure were found in us doing it together. We experienced each other at our worst, and we grew stronger through it.

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Risk is Better Together

You were created to take risks and seek adventure together. You were meant to experience the unknown so you can grow closer and understand each other more. You were made to seek the unexpected so you can form a bond tighter in your community. And you were made to search for pure delight in what may seem to be the hardest parts of risk. It’s there – but you can only find it when you seek adventure with those you love most.

Step Closer to Each Other

If you want to seek a life of adventure in your twenties – begin inward first towards yourself and where you need to take risks close to you. But then get others involved in the action. What is a risk you and your community of friends can take this week to help you experience the unknown, unexpected and moments of pure delight? Chances are they are right in front of you. Seek to find them now, and the adventurous life you are looking for will be right around the corner.

Ben Weaver is an author, speaker, entrepreneur & podcaster. He earned his master’s degree in Christian Education/Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary and is a native of St. Louis Missouri where he currently lives with his golden retriever, Gracie. He loves good music, long bike rides, snowboarding trips with the guys, tacos with his incredible girlfriend, and donuts. Most days you will find him looking for the next great adventure or spending life with the people he loves.