This morning I was listening to kLove when a caller – I believe her name was Shauna – called in to answer the question, “What do you wish you were getting from your church that you aren’t getting right now?” Her answer was , “Encouragement for singles.” She started to cry a bit as she shared that she was 32 and that when she was 12, she had made a promise to God that she would wait for the person he had planned for her. In her voice I could hear the weariness of someone who has been waiting on the Lord for a long time but hasn’t yet received the desire of her heart.

Something in my spirit ignited as I heard her speak. I tried multiple times to call in to the station to share the encouragement that was burning in my heart, but my call never made it through. I was left with a message that, if it never reaches Shauna’s ear, I hope it will reach the ears of men and women who are faithfully and intentionally saving themselves for a marriage authored by God.

Your commitment to giving God control over this area of your life has not gone unseen by him. I believe with all of my heart that when we set aside an area of our life – whether it is our marriage, our career, or anything else – this is something that greatly blesses Gods heart. He is moved to action whenever we commit something to his plan.

It is written that the eyes of the Lord search the earth for someone to do his will. When we make a decision that we will not settle for ordinary and we ask God to take what we have consecrated to him and do something with it that goes beyond the normal and expected – this is his playground. You’ve just given the all powerful God from whom all of creativity flows permission to get creative in your life. He promises that when we ask, he will do exceedingly and abundantly above what we can ask, think, or imagine.

To all of the Shaunas out there: not only has God heard you, but he’s going to blow your mind with his answer to your prayer. Don’t be discouraged by waiting. The biggest trees need the deepest roots. You have waited a long time because God has rooted you deeply so that he can far exceed your expectations.

I am 30 years old. At age 22, I was incredibly impatient and fearful about finding a spouse, and I wanted to find someone as soon as possible. But every time that I went on a date, I felt like something was off. I felt that I needed to wait and allow God to bring something bigger – something that had his mark on it.

At age 23, an encounter with a God and a promise he made me left me permanently altered. I realized his plan far exceeded my own, and I was able to wait for his. In my early twenties, I wanted nothing more than to meet a guy and get married. But at 30, I have glimpsed a life that is far greater – something worth waiting for. Something that fills my heart with joy and my eyes with tears every time that I think about it.

Through faith, I’ve found a hidden treasure trove, the secret to overflowing joy: if you see by faith what the Lord is going to do, you will have more than enough strength to wait for it.

And this won’t be the kind of strength where you are barely holding on – it will be an overwhelming and all-encompassing strength that makes no sense to the people around you. I’m 30 years old, and when people try to put pressure on me about being single, I just laugh. What God has planned for me is far greater.

My prayer is that the Lord gives you vision. Because when you see his plan, you will know that the ending is worth the wait. My prayer is that like me, you will be set free from fear, from impatience, and from doubt. It is possible to wait on the Lord with full confidence in the ending before it ever comes into sight.

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I’ve been told by many people that I have a “taken vibe.” I firmly believe that this is because I know in my spirit that my maker is my husband. He protects me, he loves me, and he cherishes me, and I find deep fulfillment and strength in this relationship. When the day comes that God brings his choice into my life, this man will become a physical reflection of Gods love for me. It is a love I have already experienced, because I have known intimacy with God. My marriage will be my way of making my relationship with the invisible God visible in the natural realm.

I don’t want an ordinary marriage – I want one that reveals the mystery of Christ and his bride. This sacred honor is worth every day of the waiting.