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Are Millennials Really Leaving the Church?

You’ve heard the reports, right? “Millennials are leaving churches in droves!” “Millennials raised in the church are dropping out!” “Millennials…

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Ready to Really Change the World? Do These Two Things.

The purpose of influence is to “speak up for those who have no influence.” (Pr.31:8) It’s not about you.” ―Rick…

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3 Reasons Why we Need Older Generations as Cheerleaders

“WOW” The key word encircled the room – beckoning us to take heed to this catchy saying. We were asked to…

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The 20s Won’t Last – and That’s a Good Thing

Ronne Rock’s been that 20-something, filled with potential and fire. She has been that 30-something, pressed in on all sides…

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