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Rachel Swanson

What Nobody Tells You About Pursuing Your Purpose

If you had one wish, what would it be? For more money perhaps? Fame and recognition? To lose that weight…

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How to Overcome The Root of Our Stress

Just breathe. This is what I kept telling myself as he opened the hatch. I could see his lips moving…

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Are Millennials Really Leaving the Church?

You’ve heard the reports, right? “Millennials are leaving churches in droves!” “Millennials raised in the church are dropping out!” “Millennials…

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3 Life-Changing Spiritual Disciplines Millennials Have Forgotten

Nobody enjoys the word discipline. And yet, we all know if we don’t eat healthy and exercise properly, our bodies…

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How Traditional Christian Quiet Time is Killing Millennials

“I just don’t have time…” That’s what everyone says, right? I remember discussing this with my Christian counselor as a…

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3 Ways To Gain Control Over Your FOMO

It’s Monday morning. You jump on Facebook only to see you missed an exciting FB live video twenty-minutes ago from…

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