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Lorna Bailey

These 3 Habits of Meditation Changed My Life

When many people think of meditation, they often picture someone of Eastern descent, sitting cross legged with their eyes closed,…

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3 Things I’d Wish I Knew at 20 About Finding My Calling

The first time I read Paul’s book, Quarter Life Calling, I wept. The impact of having words to finally express…

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3 Ways to Maximize the Use of Facebook for Good

During the last presidential election, I (like many others) almost gave up Facebook for good. Entirely! Done. Finito. Unlike other…

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4 Ways to Beat Anxiety at Work

Project deadlines, hurried coworkers, lack of sleep and all those other finicky tasks that have been lurking on your to…

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10 Tools Every Twenty-Something Must Use to Be More Productive

Our generation is more distracted than ever with the constant “ping”, buzz” and the ever so present red notifications that…

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