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Dena Vang

When Life Seems Slow

That’s what a close friend of mine shared as met up for the first time in a while. In that…

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The Value of Community

We are living in a time where we are more connected than ever. I can scroll down my feed, like…

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The Lies of Being Single

“Why are you single?” That’s normally how the conversation starts. “But you’re a great person, why haven’t you found someone?”…

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What Happens When You’re Not Where You Want To Be?

It’s easy to scroll our social media feeds and see the milestone achievements of our family, friends, and acquaintances. Inevitably,…

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Learning to Live Authentically: Lessons Learned

Try to look a little more candid. Smile. Snap. Upload. Filter. Brightness. Exposure. Clever caption. Share. Sometimes, life can feel…

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Why I No Longer Fight for Friendships

“Thank you.” That was the only response I got in return after congratulating a close friend on graduating from college,…

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