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Alex Tran

The Investment That Will Outperform Apple Stock

In the late 1800’s and 1900s, there lived a man who had a dream of opening a clothing business. When…

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What I Learned From Being Fired from My Number One Dream Job

It‘s a miracle when your life goes exactly as planned. We create these elaborate plans of what we want our…

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4 Effective Ways to Bring Meaning to Your Career

90,360 hours. Second to sleep, work occupies a massive portion of our lives with the average human spending 90,360 hours…

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How to Manage the Transitions of Life

You’re either going through a transition or getting ready to go into one. Change is hard. It can leave us…

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Why I Hate Being An Asian American

Smelly box lunches at school…The embarrassment of my mom’s broken English in public…Limited career choices out of being a doctor…

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My Confessions as a Recovering Social Media Addict

The average person spends about four years of his life looking down at his cell phone. In four years, you…

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