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Alan Pastian

Follow these 6 Rules to Build a Healthy Community

What you surround yourself with matters.  Who you surround yourself with is important.  As humans, we are expected to grow…

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8 Practical Ways to Manage Your Emotional Health in Your Twenties

There are days I don’t feel like I love God.  But I am in a love relationship with God that…

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Stop Telling Me I’m Judging You When I’m Loving You

I love my friends.  A lot.  They mean the world to me.  And I also live in the tension of…

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4 Surprising Lessons for Every Millennial In Their Journey For Truth

Fake news.  False reports.  Fact checking.   Here’s what I’m realizing:  everyone has a deep desire to know the truth.  Our…

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6 Ways to Love like Jesus in a Tolerant Culture

I am the kind of person that wants everybody to get along. I have the kind of faith that doesn’t…

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3 Powerful Lessons I Learned About Building Authenticity in My Community

If you want authenticity, ou have to go first.  That’s not easy.  When I am meeting someone, I like to…

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