As the popular lyric and verse goes To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven” Everyone experiences different seasons in their lives. Some positive some negative. Some bring on big change while others have subtle endings. When you find yourself between seasons it can be challenging. Maybe you know what the next phase is but often times we don’t and that can bring upon an incredible sense of uncertainty.

As humans we tend to have a fight or flight mentality.

In these stages of uncertainly we go one of two ways, we either do everything we can to try and figure things out or we give up and shut down. Neither of these are productive and can cause distress on the mind and body. Instead we need to learn how to STOP in these seasons. Below you will find four suggestions for what to do when you don’t know what is next in a career choice, relationship or other major life decision.

Slow down

In the midst of a major change or uncertainty we tend to want to find the answer on our own. When doing this we can put our minds in overdrive…thinking and thinking about what to do and never coming to a conclusion.  This makes our brains dwell on the situation hindering our daily tasks and sleep, putting us in a far worse place than when we started. What we really need to tell ourselves is to slow down. Rushing into anything can lead to a poor choice. Allow yourself time. We put deadlines on ourselves based on age, career level, etc when we really don’t need to. Slow down and find joy in the process.

Try something new

When in a rut it is always important to not focus on the issue at hand. The best way to step away from a situation is to put yourself in another. Try something new. Take a little trip to someplace you’ve never been. Join a new class or group at your church. Take up a new hobby– have you tried kickboxing or Zumba before? It’s amazing how stepping out of your comfort zone can not only clear your mind but also open up doors. You may meet someone new who might be a new networking connection, or  just a new friend.  This is not only good for times of uncertainly but excellent for your health and keeps you young!

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Organization can make a world of difference when it comes to an unsettled mind. Try organizing the spaces around you physically. Clearing out clutter can allow you to experience a more peaceful environment creating a sense of calm. You can also organize your thoughts through journaling, making lists, video blogging, etc. For many visual learners it can be nice to put all the chaos onto paper. Experiment with mind mapping and see what your thoughts running through your brain look like when placed into categories or boxes.  Here is a free app you can try  SimpleMind +Intuitive Mind Mapping.


This may seem extremely obvious to those with an active faith walk but it’s amazing how we forget to do this in our seasons of uncertainty.

Sometimes we pray once, claim we don’t hear God’s answer and move on to trying to figure life out on our own.

God wants to walk through everything with you. He has not created us to do life alone. While we may not always get a clear straight forward answer the more we surrender our will and connect with him the more we likely we are to hear from Him.

While these four suggestions may not help you figure out your current life dilemma, I hope they are helpful in reminding you to STOP when things become too much. You may be in a season of “I don’t know what to do” but be assured that the Lord does and if we place our trust in Him we should never face these seasons with a sense of anxiety.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” Philippians 4:6

What are some ways you handle seasons of uncertainty?