You finally reached your quarter-life (25-ish) and the struggle is real. There’s an incredible pressure to conform to the stage of life the world thinks you should be in compared to the age you feel inside, making you feel like you just jumped into a deep end of the pool, treading water and going nowhere.

Here’s the thing. Your quarter-life crisis doesn’t need to be merely a stage to pass over. Instead, it’s a transition to embrace, an opportunity to step into your purpose. It’s the perfect time to confront your fears, explore uncharted territory and discover how you are handcrafted and custom-made by a perfect Creator.

Quarter-life crisis hits 3 in 4 of those aged 26 to 30.

Now, here’s some of the telltale signs you’re having a quarter-life crisis. Do a mental count of how many of these currently describe you.

1. You’re starting to question your existence. Why did you put me on this earth, God? What is my freakin’ purpose in life? (of course, in a less morbid way than it sounds). You start avidly going to the self-help section in the bookstore and read books like “Purpose-Driven Life.”

2. You can’t go on to Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat without seeing another one of your friends getting engaged, married, or pregnant…At the same time you’re still single and there are no potential prospects on the horizon. FOMO is real.

3. You feel your life is full of U-turns and false starts. You can’t handle the overwhelming anxiety, unemployment or underemployment and all that student loans.

4. Your temporary part-time stint at a local coffee shop has lasted over three years…

5. You think you need therapy or counselling, maybe? You can’t pinpoint any problem. You are content with your job. Maybe you’re in good relationship, but something deep inside is nagging you.

6. You have mixed feelings about your faith. You feel both repelled and compelled of church. You say you still have my faith. You just don’t have a ton of time to give to it right now, but that day will come again soon. You’re doing “fine.”

7. You suddenly feel like your job is a prison cell. You don’t want to make a career out of your boring 9 to 5 job and the idea out of quitting troubles you. You don’t just have a clear backup plan yet and you don’t want to take a leap of faith in ditching it because of the fear of comfort.

8. You Instagram stalk your exes and their exes and their exes’ exes’…and the list goes on.

9. You Googled how to be happy, but no article can get you past the depression stage you are in. You feel lost.

10. Wait, you actually have to do your taxes?! You start worrying about things you used to take for granted, like paying your utility or having health insurance. Ugh!

11. You’re offended when you are asked for your ID, but even more offended when you are not.

12. You’re reading this article because you Googled: “Quarter-Life Crisis”

13. Every time you visit Forever 21, you feel out of place and too old for this. You wonder how other teenagers will think of you.

14. Every single day, you have an internal struggle between being 21-ish and turning into your parents.

15. When you visit your grandma, the first thing out of her mouth is, “When are you going to make me a great-grandma?”